CC’s ARC Review ~ In Her Words by J.S. Ellis

Title: In Her Words
Author: J.S. Ellis
Genre: Thriller
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person

Expected Publication: May 7, 2019



4.25 Stars!




On the surface, Sophie Wright appears to have it all – a successful career, a loving husband and financial security. However, she also is trying to mask her pain with alcohol. Hiding her secret is a daily task, but it’s one she’s been able to manage until waking up one morning with no recollection as to how her body is bruised and her dress is ripped. Without sufficient facts or evidence, she is powerless especially knowing she will be labeled as a drunk. 

“I knew what they were thinking – ‘Look at her, pretending to be posh. She’s just a drunk, so much for prim and proper.’”

As she tries to get answers, Sophie’s problems begin to compound. Though she has been loyal to her husband during their eleven-year marriage, Sophie’s insecurities resurface and she becomes distracted by a young, pretty musician. Trying to recapture the intangible is causing her to spiral downward.

“The thing about secrets is they are dangerous, and they can be seductive.”

Narrated from the protagonist’s POV in the form of diary entries, her intimate thoughts are uncensored and open to ridicule. Based on the content of her writing, the tone evokes an uneasy reaction, as it becomes clear what a precarious act Sophie is balancing. From the outset, the ramifications of Sophie’s bad choices are apparent, yet there is still some hope that she stops this reckless behavior.

Going into this book, I was expecting a thriller and the storyline certainly delivered on that point. But it also delves into the emotional aspects of what fuels Sophie’s unhappiness and the fallout when it all explodes. Adding to the tension is how her innermost thoughts – the highs and lows – are included in her diary. Because Sophie is a volatile and troubled character, it creates empathy for her vulnerability, but I was also steaming mad at her times. 

Effectively, the storyline takes the reader down Sophie’s dark, destructive path. Though I had my suspicions early on, it didn’t detract from the tension or twists. However, I would have liked a bit more elaboration about a certain character’s motivations. When it all unravels, the impact is felt on multiple levels. 

In Her Words is a thriller that will capture a reader’s curiosity until the very last page. 

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.*




CC’s ARC Review ~ Nocturnes & Nightmares by Keri Lake

Title: Nocturnes & Nightmares (The Sandman Duet)
Author: Keri Lake
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller
Type: Book 1 of 2
POV: Multiple – Shifting

Expected Publication: April 29, 2019



4.5 Stars!




At 28 years old, Nola Tensley is a single mother raising her son and is financially strapped. As a short-term financial solution, Nola rents the in-law quarters on her property to a man who is willing to pay a premium for his privacy. However, she is unaware how she has caught the attention of a killer.

“He doesn’t look like a potential tenant. He looks like danger wrapped in a nice suit.”

Rhett Voss isn’t a stranger to violence or depravity. Since leaving Chicago, he hasn’t looked back but a significant person from his childhood is beckoning him to play deadly game. Focused on the end goal, Voss is prepared to win, but he doesn’t expect such a pleasant distraction.

“It appeals to me somehow. The tenacity of a woman who refuses to break, even when shit keeps weighing her down. A sadist’s wet dream.”

Alternating between POVs, the character development for Nola and Voss is steady as passages from the past are intertwined into the present. From the first page, an edgy tone is set with the author delving into a grim situation, which soon escalates into a chilling, psychological thriller. As the reader knows these characters are being watched, it adds to a constant unnerving feeling of “when and not if” the inevitable will occur. 

“They all played that game – trying to appeal to some empathy that just didn’t exist.”

With Voss, I like how he exudes kinky dominance from every pore and tests Nola’s limits, as their connection is pretty steamy. The Sandman is eerily fascinating with his sinister rituals. As I’ve come to expect (and enjoy) a gritty landscape from a Keri Lake book, the thriller direction of this book is captivating and I like how boundaries are being pushed. 

Nocturnes & Nightmares is a dark and disturbing romance thriller that will capture a reader’s morbid curiosity and titillate in unexpected ways. I look forward to reading the conclusion in Requiem & Reverie.

The Sandman duet:
Nocturnes & Nightmares (The Sandman Duet, #1) by Keri Lake Requiem & Reverie (The Sandman Duet, #2) by Keri Lake

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.*



Liz’s Review~Legend~by Sawyer Bennett

by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You’re here for me.”


Legend is the third book in the Arizona Vengeance Series. Once again, Sawyer Bennett has proven that she is the queen of hockey romance! With a passionate plot, high drama, and some good old fashioned hockey action, Legend offers another delightful treat that will have hockey romance fans on the edge of their seats! Legend Bay is a star hockey player for the Arizona Vengence. He lives for two things keeping a structured routine in his life and women! When his feisty neighbor, Pepper Nantais, crashes into his life the “frenemies” end up becoming friends and together they find a passionate connection. When a baby is left on Legend’s doorstep, he discovers all of the many things he has been missing out on in his life. With a newborn baby, a crazy ex, his attraction to Pepper, and a non-stop hockey career on the line, Legend has to show that he has what it takes to keep his girls and his career.


“I’ll be here.”

Legend is a fantastic blend of passion, romance, and great hockey love! With a delicious blend of enemies to lovers story and some serious ex drama sprinkled in, this was another winning read! I adore anything and everything written by Sawyer Bennett! With her witty text and smoking hot alpha players, she never disappoints!

“I really, really love you.”

Overall, I am going to keep this review short and sweet. Sawyer Bennett never disappoints! If you are a fan of hockey romance, don’t waste another second and dive right into the Arizona Vengeance.

✰ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!


CC’s ARC Review ~ Sin & Discipline by Lily White

Title: Sin & Discipline
Author: Lily White
Genre: Taboo Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

Expected Publication: April 24, 2019



4 Stars! 


Amelia Dillon’s life appeared idyllic until her mother passed away and her father fell ill. Relying on limited resources, Amelia continues to seek a career as a symphony pianist, but she must first win a scholarship to a prestigious music academy before pursuing her dream. All seems possible until she meets her instructor.

“I wasn’t a girl to be pushed around or controlled. Yet, in his presence, I stilled in place, unable to find the willpower to fight or move away.”

Lennon Carter is a musical virtuoso, famous for his classical mastery in performance and composition. Growing up, Lennon’s family nurtured his sister’s musical career until his family crumbled after a tragedy. Consequently, Lennon persevered using his own methods yet the scar he bears is still painful.

“Sometimes you don’t need to know the cause of what decimates another person to understand, to taste, to experience and recognize that the same destruction exists within yourself.”

With an unlikely introduction to each other, Amelia and Lennon share an immediate push/pull tension that adds to the intensity of their attraction. Though Amelia is young, she is fearless at times until Lennon asserts certain ground rules of her lessons. Adapting to Lennon’s need for discipline, Amelia is a quick study and tests his limits of restraint.

“I felt owned in that moment. Used. But damn if I didn’t enjoy the feeling, the lust, the filthy violence that leaked out of him with every demanding thrust.”

As the plot develops, the ties between Lennon and Amelia deepen and the past resurfaces in an unexpected way. Although, the direction was predictable to a degree, the predicament of these characters is effectively conveyed. I especially liked the message of feeling emotions through music and how Lennon and Amelia shared such a passion. 

Sin & Discipline is a steamy taboo romance that may encourage some to stay after class for some tutoring with teacher. This book will appeal to those looking for a dirty hero and a compliant heroine.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.*




COVER REVEAL~Raphael~by Tillie Cole





They are the Fallen. A brotherhood of murderers whose nature compels them to kill. But guided by their leader, Gabriel, the Fallen have learned to use their urges to rid the world of those it is better off without.

For Raphael, sex and death are intertwined. Where there is one, there must be the other. He is a lust killer, luring his victims with the face of an angel and a body built for sin.

And Raphael lives to sin.

His newest mission takes him into the sadistic underworld of Boston’s secret sex clubs, and puts him face to face with his greatest fantasy made flesh.

Maria is everything he’s ever dreamed of, the kill he’s always longed for. She’s not his target. And he knows he must resist. But the temptation is too strong…

Yet Raphael is not the only one with a mission. Maria is not quite what she seems. And as her secrets and Raphael’s unravel, Maria begins to question everything she thought she knew—about evil, about the place she calls home, and about the beautiful sinner she was sent to destroy.

Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and topics some may find triggering. Recommended for age 18 years and up.



The Fallen: Genesis a prequel novella in The Deadly Virtues Series and MUST be read before RAPHAEL (DV: book one).




Tillie Cole hails from a small town in the North-East of England. She grew up on a farm with her English mother, Scottish father and older sister and a multitude of rescue animals. As soon as she could, Tillie left her rural roots for the bright lights of the big city.

After graduating from Newcastle University with a BA Hons in Religious Studies, Tillie followed her Professional Rugby player husband around the world for a decade, becoming a teacher in between and thoroughly enjoyed teaching High School students Social Studies before putting pen to paper, and finishing her first novel.

Tillie has now settled in Austin, Texas, where she is finally able to sit down and write, throwing herself into fantasy worlds and the fabulous minds of her characters.

Tillie is both an independent and traditionally published author, and writes many genres including: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Young Adult and New Adult novels.

When she is not writing, Tillie enjoys nothing more than curling up on her couch watching movies, drinking far too much coffee, while convincing herself that she really doesn’t need that extra square of chocolate.

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Liz’s Review~Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin~by Mariana Zapata

Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin
by Mariana Zapata

My rating:★4.5★

“He was the end to my beginning.”


Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin is a slow burn contemporary romance by the slow burn queen of all Mariana Zapata. A rock star romance with humor, witty text, passion, and complex characters. Gaby has always been close to her rock star twin brother. When she finds herself in between jobs, she doesn’t think twice about joining her twin on his worldwide tour. It doesn’t take Gaby long to connect with the lead singer of one of the bands on tour Sasha Malykhin. Sasha and Gaby become friends and a connection is formed. Sasha and Gaby become inseparable and as feelings transform from friendship to inseparable love more than beautiful music is made!


“Do you have any idea how easy it is to love you?”

Told in multiple POV, Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin is an absolute must-read for slow burn romance fans. Their romance unfolds like a magical documentary and I simply could not take my eyes away!

“It was a blinding kind of thing, this unbelievable friendship—this love—I had with and for him. It was mine and it made me happy, and I reveled in it.”

Overall, I have become a true Zapata addict and was once again captivated by a beautiful story of friendship and love. Fans of a slow burn and rock star romance will enjoy every second in the Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin world!


ARC/Loyda’s Review ~ Gluttony by K Webster




Genre: NA Romance
Type: Book 5 of 7 from The Elite Seven series
POV: First Person – Dual

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❝ You tried to hurt God and now you have to deal with Satan.

Gluttony k webster

Samuel Goddard (God); has been a character I was so intrigued and excited to know more about since the beginning of the series.  His story was definitely not what I was expecting which made this book so interesting to me.   God grew up in a family full of wealth and basically anything he ever wanted he had.  One thing he didn’t know he needed was for someone to truly care about him and care for his well being.  

❝ I’m the son, the heir, the golden fucking egg…I’m not just anyone.  I’m God.  And one day, it’ll be me making all the rules.

When he was giving his task; God thought it was the easiest thing in the world.  He accomplished what was requested of him except his life was completely changed after that night.  He meets Zemira Coleman; a girl who grew up with no parents and the circumstances made both of them need each other.  

❝ I think the real God has a sick sense of humor because this God calls to me.  This God needs me.  And for the life of me, I can’t understand why I have this strange tugging inside me that says I think I need him too.

I really liked this story and the way the author put these two characters together.  I wouldn’t have ever expected one awful night to turn out that way.   The snake scene will be one horrific chapter I will forever have in my mind and I might have wanted to puke once or twice while typing this hahaha but oh my gosh it was shocking and bloody crazy good.  

Gluttony is book five in the elite series and is about power and how to handle what you have and use it wisely.  I am so excited to continue the series and see what else is to come.  The teaser at the end of the book had me screaming with so many questions and not enough answers.  I just hope for more action and suspense in the next two books to come.  

Books in the series:
Lust (The Elite Seven, #1) by Ker Dukey Pride (The Elite Seven, #2) by J.D. Hollyfield Wrath (The Elite Seven, #3) by Claire C. Riley Envy (The Elite Seven, #4) by M.N. Forgy Gluttony (The Elite Seven, #5) by K. Webster Sloth (The Elite Seven, #6) by Giana Darling Greed (The Elite Seven, #7) by Ker Dukey

…This was a F(BR) with War…

ARC provided for an honest review


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📖#currentlyreading📖 . . #gluttony by #kwebster . . Expected publication date April 15th 2019 . . 📚Blurb📚 My life has been served to me on a gold platter to be devoured by my silver spoon. Money, money, and more money. It’s the backbone of the Goddard name. I’m the only son, so it’s all mine for the taking. But sometimes money isn’t enough. I always want more, yet nothing seems to satisfy me. My father has made sure I become a part of The Elite Seven. Where most candidates are chosen, I was given my place. Everything comes at a price, though. Luckily, I can afford any price—no one has more money than God. The Elite Seven have their initiations. My assignment is personal and beneath me: steal a car and send a warning. It’ll hurt my best friend in the process, but we both made a pact going into this. There’s no line we won’t cross. My task makes an ugly turn and I nearly take a life. Such a small, unimportant person—someone no one would even notice was gone. She’s a problem my money and power can easily sweep under the rug. It’s what my father wants. It’s what my brothers want. But when she finally opens those big, innocent brown eyes, I realize I’ve found what I’ve been searching for my entire life. I don’t want my little problem to disappear…I want to keep her. Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak—they’re for The Elite. Money is my legacy, but I want something money can’t buy. I am Baxter Samuel Goddard V. I am Gluttony. . . . . . #craziesrusbookblog #currentlyreading #book #arc #theeliteseven #series #instagram #instabooks #instagrammer #bookstagram #bookblogger #buddyread #readingbuddy

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