CC’s Review: Give Me More by Sara Cate

5★ Title: Give Me MoreAuthor: Sara CateGenre: Erotic RomanceType: Standalone Release Date: June 22, 2022 Drake Nielson is a self-processed scoundrel who doesn’t do relationships, but when it comes to his life-long friendship with Hunter and his wife, Isabel, he is a loyal and steady friend. When Hunter confesses a deep fantasy to Drake, he... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Lotus by Jennifer Hartmann

4.5★ Title: LotusAuthor: Jennifer HartmannGenre: Dark RomanceType: Standalone Release Date: April 20, 2021 After 22 years in captivity, Oliver Lynch returns to his hometown and childhood friends. The day Oliver went missing is forever etched in Sydney Neville’s mind and having him back is both a blessing and a worry. Together they navigate what was... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Senescence by Shannon Youngblood

3.5★ Title: SenescenceAuthor: Shannon YoungbloodGenre: HorrorType: Standalone Release Date: June 29, 2021 Lucy Marie believed her life would change when a mysterious and commanding stranger appeared in her check-out line. Without any options, Lucy put all her emotion and effort in appealing to Luke to get everything she ever wanted. “The look in her eyes... Continue Reading →

CC’s ARC Review: Nocticadia by Keri Lake

4.5★ Title: NocticadiaAuthor: Keri LakeGenre: Dark Gothic RomanceType: Standalone Release Date: April 25, 2023 At fourteen, Lilia Vespertine’s life irrevocably changed and the circumstances surrounding the trauma continue to haunt her until she receives an unsolicited offer from a prestigious university. Believing she can fulfill her obligations and find the truth, Lilia did not envision... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Marrow by Trisha Wolfe & Brynne Weaver

4.5★ Title: MarrowAuthor: Trisha Wolfe & Brynne WeaverGenre: Dark Romance SuspenseType: Standalone Release Date: March 23, 2023 Kyrie Roth is a brilliant wildlife biologist but the bane of her existence is the untouchable forensic pathologist, Jack Sorensen. As Kryie continues to widen her claim, Jack isn’t about to capitulate without a fight. What ensues is... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Mimic by C.A. Rene & Yolanda Olson

4.25★ Title: MimicAuthor: C.A. Rene & Yolanda OlsonGenre: Dystopian HorrorType: Standalone Release Date: November 14, 2022 Two hundred years after a nuclear war, Beverly’s world still bears the scars and devastation of the fallout. With humans fighting to survive, Beverly’s family seemed to have a good place in their community, but Bevie had a different... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

4★ Title: VengefulAuthor: V.E. SchwabGenre: SciFi ThrillerType: Book 2 in the Villains series Release Date: September 25, 2018 In this second installment, the timeline begins five years after Vicious. With Victor, Sydney and Mitch on the run, they are searching for a solution but EON and other forces are complicating their path. “Every end may be a... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Island Captive by Jane Henry

3.5★ Title: Island CaptiveAuthor: Jane HenryGenre: Contemporary RomanceType: Standalone Release Date: August 24, 2018 As a US Marshall, Nadine Fontaine was on the hunt for an escaped felon, but when the unexpected becomes the normal, Nadine must recalibrate what she knew to be truth. Adrian Barone is comfortable with his predilections, and while his new... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Beauty So Golden by Lilith Vincent

4★ Title: Beauty So GoldenAuthor: Lilith VincentGenre: Dystopian/Reverse HaremType: Standalone Release Date: January 27, 2023 In an era where the Blighted Plague and Mutagents threaten the safety of its citizens, Rue Adair is tucked away in the Tower where she believes she is protecting her community. When Dexer Ledger, a long-time acquaintance, arrives for treatment,... Continue Reading →

CC’s Review: Eyes on Me by Sara Cate

5★ Title: Eyes on MeAuthor: Sara CateGenre: Contemporary RomanceType: Standalone in series Release Date: April 28, 2023 As a partner in sex club, Garrett Porter is comfortable with his predilections and is a man who keeps boundaries, at least he always did when it came to his stepsister. However, when Garrett happens upon Mia’s chosen... Continue Reading →

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