CC’s ARC Review: Crowned by Lilith Vincent

4.25★ Title: CrownedAuthor: Lilith VincentGenre: Dark Romance Type: Book 2 of 2 in the Pageant duet Release Date: August 3, 2022 Continuing without interruption from book one, Lilia Aranova proved she should not be underestimated. However, circumstances quickly change and she finds herself back in the hands of Elyah, Kirill and Konstantin. Together, they come... Continue Reading →

Liz’s Review~Beyond My Darkness~by RC Boldt

★★★★★ "I'm prepared to rain down hell on anyone who tries to hurt her." Beyond My Darkness is a Suspense Thriller full of passion, romance, action, and mystery! Georgia Danvers is a medical examiner who works in the morgue for the county precinct. Georgia isn't only a medical examiner. She also has a gift. Her gift... Continue Reading →

CC’s ARC Review: Girls Without Tears by T.L. Finlay

4★ Title: Girls Without TearsAuthor: T.L. FinlayGenre: Crime Thriller Type: Standalone Release Date: August 9, 2022 Ten years ago, Noa Romwell left the small-town gossip and heartache of Everglades City for Miami. However, now that six-year-old Skye Flynn has been kidnapped, Noa feels an obligation to return home and help the search party efforts. “It’s... Continue Reading →

CC’s ARC Review: The Night Blossoms by Leylah Attar

5★ Title: The Night BlossomsAuthor: Leylah AttarGenre: Romance Suspense Type: Standalone Release Date: July 28, 2022 Rafael and Vee Roza are a happily married couple until they have a significant disagreement. When Rafael becomes unreachable, the evidence isn’t adding up and Vee becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance. “You are not a bystander in... Continue Reading →

Liz’s Review~Infernium~by Keri Lake

"He literally aches for you. Pathetic, really..." Infernium is the second book in the nightshade series. Keri Lake once again flexes her creative storytelling skills by captivating dark romance readers everywhere! Infernium picks up directly where Nightshade ended. However, the complexities of both stories are apparent as they continue to explore the present and the past through the... Continue Reading →

ARC/Loyda’s Review ~ Infernium by Keri Lake

4★★★★Stars Genre: Gothic RomanceType: Book 2 of 2 from Nightshade DuologyPOV: Shifting - First person (female) & third person ”It is not darkness itself which makes men evil, but what compels them.” Infernium picks up right where book one left off, we continue the journey of Jericho Van Croix and Farryn Ravenshaw. Jericho has promised to do everything... Continue Reading →

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